Hotel Aurora Kamchatka
Kamchatka, Russia
Extreme hotel "AURORA" is a unique hotel located in the very heart of Kamchatka, in the lap of wild nature - on the banks of the Kamchatka River, surrounded by wild forest.
Harmony of solitude with pristine nature, the power of wild forests, incredible architecture and high service are the hotel’s calling card.
It doesn’t matter: winter or summer, spring or autumn - “AURORA” is a special world that makes you fall in love at first sight.
The brutal atmosphere of the hotel is emphasized by discreet colors in the interior, natural wood and art objects in the design. In the rooms, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and is aimed at obtaining aesthetic pleasure - panoramic windows overlooking the forest, soft light, stylish furniture and cozy details.
30 m2
2 guests
1400 mm width
Rough wooden vaults
Subdued tones
Strict massive furniture
Coffee machine
Mini bar
TV, Wi-Fi
Bed linen and bathrobes
made from natural cotton and linen, Zielinski & Rozen cosmetics
The restaurant deserves special attention; it is no less unique than the hotel itself.
Located in the heart of Kamchatka, among absolutely wild nature.
This is a local restaurant with its own greenhouse, fishermen and hunters.
Freshly caught fish, hand-salted caviar, Kamchatka seafood delicacies and game will be prepared for you. Almost everything that will be on your table is caught, collected, found in Kamchatka forests, rivers and, of course, in the Pacific Ocean, observing the traditions of the indigenous peoples of this protected land.
Cozy breakfasts, hearty lunches and stylish dinners are already included in the price. If you have any special preferences, please let us know.
The cuisine of the Aurora restaurant is truly Nordic, inspired by the best gastronomy in this direction and eco-friendly, natural products of Kamchatka. Unusual combinations, original presentation and perfectly assembled sets – a gastro-pleasure in the most secluded restaurant in Kamchatka.
The hotel's chef sommelier has selected the best drinks for sophisticated wine connoisseurs. The bartenders have collected the best strong drinks and cocktails, and also prepared for you tinctures made with Kamchatka berries and herbs
The hotel's experienced guides will create an exclusive trip for you, according to your preferences, and will take you to the most protected points of Kamchatka. Fly over the caldera of an active volcano, fish for wild salmon, watch bears, visit nature reserves and much more. Undiscovered wild places and views worthy of a BBC film. On every journey you will find exquisite gastro accompaniment and service.
The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is one of the seven wonders of Russia! Getting to this fabulous place is only possible by helicopter, but the experience is worth it - many thermal springs, mud pots, waterfalls and, of course, living geysers, seething and exploding with crushing streams of water and steam! An unforgettable picture opens up for you from the height of a helicopter flight. Not far from the Valley of Geysers there is the caldera of the Uzon volcano, which was formed as a result of the collapse of the walls of an ancient volcano - you can also see it during the flight and even take an unforgettable video from the window.
Helicopter excursion to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve - a journey to a unique, one of the oldest protected areas in Russia. This biosphere reserve is located in the southeastern part of Kamchatka; there are no roads here, so it can only be reached by helicopter. The reserve is full of amazing natural attractions, one of them is Kronotskoye Lake - the largest high-mountain lake in Kamchatka. From space - this is an ideally shaped triangle, a blue scarf thrown over the eastern part of the peninsula, in the crystal water of which the silhouette of one of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka - Kronotskaya Sopka - is reflected. It is not uncommon for visitors to the reserve to meet the inhabitants of the reserved land - brown bears and other wild animals of Kamchatka. Guests will see active volcanoes - Kronotsky, Krasheninnikova volcano, Kikhpinych and Gamchen, and from the lake, in good weather, there is a view of the Valaginsky ridge.
Helicopter excursion to Tolbachik, Shiveluch and Klyuchevskaya Sopka
An unforgettable journey to the most famous volcanoes of Kamchatka: a flight over the highest and youngest active volcano in Eurasia - the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano. Despite the fact that the Vulcan sleeps most of the time, grayish clouds of gases and steam always swirl above its top. In calm weather, they rise to the upper layers of the atmosphere and form an amazingly beautiful plume, which our astronauts from the ISS love to photograph. Next on the program is a landing on Tolbachik, perhaps the most mysterious volcano in Kamchatka, where one of the most powerful and long-lasting eruptions in the history of the region took place - the Lava Flow of 2012-2013. At the end of the excursion, a flyby of the Shiveluch volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka, which throws out columns of ash up to 15 kilometers high! If you're lucky, it might be possible to land near a crater, next to a lava flow from a recent eruption.
Helicopter excursion to Kuril Lake and the kingdom of bears
Kuril Lake is rightfully one of the most amazing attractions of Kamchatka. This is a volcanic lake inside a large caldera that formed about 11,000 years ago in the southern part of the peninsula. It is one of the main spawning grounds for red fish, which attracts many bears, so a flight to Kuril Lake is an inevitable meeting with the owner of Kamchatka in his natural habitat. Here you can witness an unforgettable spectacle - bear fishing.
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